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Schoology is a cloud-based learning management system that provides a platform for teachers and students to engage in collaborative learning, a tool for educators to create and share online courses. Is a web-based application download Schoology app that provides a social networking platform for teachers, students, staff. It also has a mobile app that allows students to complete assignments, turn in homework, work collaboratively with classmates, more. An online learning management system that facilitates process of teaching, learning administration. It is a cloud-based application, developed by Schoology app download Inc., that is based on  web 2.0 technology. It is dedicated to education sector and is claimed to be very user-friendly user-friendly by its creators.

It is a multi-platform application that can be used to create, deliver, assess learning content. Provides a platform download Schoology laptop to organize & manage courses, assignments, assessments. It also features built-in feedback systems & discussion forums. Offers many capabilities including ability to create courses, assignments, resources, provide feedback to students, provide a centralized location for data and reports.


Interface of the Schoology download for Windows app is clean and simple, best for displaying content. Software product is user-friendly with large fonts & simple navigation. Software product is also responsive & easy to use on any device. Teachers can create, assign, grade assignments and tests. The interface is unobtrusive and very user-friendly. It is very easy to navigate through the program.

Interface of Schoology free download is clean and organized. It features a sidebar on the left side of the screen that can be customized to provide quick access to different areas of application. Sidebar is comprised of three sections: Content, Collaboration, Tools. Content section houses a list of all courses in account, Collaboration section allows users to connect with other users groups, Tools section features links to all the different tools in application. Tools in Tools section include: Assignments, Reports, Feedback, Discussion Forums. Interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Schoology app is simple easy to use. Software product is not time-consuming to navigate and the user interface is easy to understand. It is also a very intuitive app that is easy for anyone to use. Schoology is a web-based system, so it is accessible from any browser. It is organized in form of a dashboard, where users can find what they are looking for with just a few clicks. It is a cloud-based application, so it is accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Application is highly usable. It is easy to navigate has a simple interface, making it easy to use. In addition, application is secure and reliable. Will not allow courses or assignments to be accessed with a URL, which means it is safe from hackers & spam. Application is also available on all devices, which makes it easy for students to access and work on content.


Has many features that are beneficial for people in education field. There is a section that provides resources to help with lesson planning, which is helpful for teachers. It also provides a platform for them to share their courses and lesson plans, which is useful for other teachers who want to download lessons plans and use them in their own classes. Software product has a number of features. Schoology is highly functional. It is a complete learning management system that can be used to create, assess, deliver learning content. Has many different tools that can be used to meet a variety of needs. The application is flexible and easy to use.


The Schoology app provides 24/7 customer service for any problems or questions. There is also a help section that provides tutorials on how to use the app and how to solve problems. It also provides links to FAQs for the app. There is a help section with tutorials that teachers can use to get started. Has a "How can we help you?" section where teachers can submit a request for assistance. Provides support for all users. Company offers a live chat that is available Monday-Friday from 8 am-6 pm EST. Users can also contact Schoology app Windows via email by sending a message through contact form available on website. In addition, company offers a phone number that can be used to speak with a representative.


  • Why is my device not supported?
    Schoology's mobile application is only available for iOS & Android devices.
  • How do I submit a final grade?
    Go to the course and click "Final Grade."
  • How do I remove grades?
    Remove grades by clicking on "Course Grades" tab and then "Edit Grades."
  • Why don't my grades show up on my Schoology account?
    You have not been invited. If you have been invited, click the "Join" button you will be able to see your grades.


Schoology app is a good learning management system for teachers and students.  It is a good app for teachers who want to share lesson plans and ideas with other teachers, and for students who want to access information on the go. In conclusion, Schoology apk is a highly functional, easy to use, reliable application. It is available on all devices and provides a central location for data and reports. Interface is clean and intuitive, the application is secure. Schoology provides support for users by offering live chat, email, a phone number.

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